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For over a year I had this red angry rash on bo...

Kim Tily
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I have been using nothing but KDOne Skincare for over 10 years and I am always complimented on my skin. I am in my late fifties and have very few lines, but more importantly it is my skin which makes me look healthy and for me looking healthy is the key to looking youthful.



February 2016

I just love the products, especially the rich moisturiser for me and the botty balm - which after starting it, my son never had nappy rash and now we use it to help remove scars when he gets grazes etc.

Tracey Voyce
Gold Coast, Australia


I note that there is a review on your site from a lady with a rash on her neck.  I too have such a rash.  A dermatologist diagnosed Poikiloderma of Civatte.  This is a normally irreversible rash that develops due to sun damage, hormones at menopause and sensitivity to perfumes.  Patients are normally tested to see if there is anything else on the skin like a fungus that could be causing it.  This lady may have had the fungus which is why your creams have been so effective and her rash has now gone.  

I like to rotate through a few different brands for my skincare (regardless of effectiveness as I get a bit bored from using the same thing all the time!).  Since returning to KD One again I have noticed a significant reduction in the rash on my neck.  I have also noted that it has reduced since I stopped having hot flushes, and appear to have emerged from the other side of menopause.  Some days I can barely see it.  I'm looking at reducing the layer of concealer that I used to use to cover it.  I think it is a combination of factors with your creams certainly being a contributing factor.



Skin Performance Plus or  Rich & Intensive Moisturiser with UMF16+ Manuka Honey 

This is an excellent cream.  In a short time I was able to  see a visible difference in my face in that my cheeks tightened up and I was less 'jowly'.  I am 56 years of age and am referring to the puffy jowl that has developed with the passing of time and the end of menopause.  This was a surprise to me as I have been using natural products for many years, and the jowls had developed so slowly over time that I hadn't really even realised that it was happening.  I had not expected to see a visible difference so quickly.

Bridgette, Wellington'




I brought this anti flam product at the kapiti womans expo and it has been fantastic x i now have a good nites sleep and the pain in my back and knees has reduced a great deal x
Thk you for a great product x feel like my old self when I wake up in the mornings



Lyn Bayliss posted on KD One Skincare & Cosmetics's timeline

"Hi Kareen, Huge congratulations on your amazing 'kd one' skincare range. For anyone considering natural skincare I highly recommend this range. My skin is in good condition as I started 'seriously' looking after it following a major health scare in my 40's, I'm now early 50's. What I've done differently.... Instead of doing what I normally do and use all my old products until they run out and combine old and new brands, this time I did it differently and ONLY used the full kd one range and the intensive moisturiser. A very strange thing happened when I ran out of product I went back to my old brands and within ONE week my cheeks and chin broke out...a redness with blotches and a couple of pimples. YUCK. The moral of my story is 're-order before you run out' as the products are well priced, smell fantastic and THEY WORK. Thank you KD for your 'natural intelligence and love' that goes into your products.

Lyn Bayliss

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