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Changing up your skincare routine as we transition from Summer to Autumn

Posted on 10 April 2018

A change of season usually brings with it a changes in our skin. And when it comes to the Summer to Autumn transition, skin dryness and breakouts are the two we typically see. Why? Your natural facial oils that were with you over summer are still around, but the cooler autumn air dries your skin creating dead skin buildup, and this can also trap oil under your skin's surface resulting in breakouts. All of this is going on whilst you also need to deliver more moisture to your skin.

This is why is pays to make tweaks to your skincare routine as the seasons change.

You don't need to overhaul your skincare routine entirely, but you do need to make some minor tweaks to your regimen to ensure that skin stays healthy during this seasonal change. Here's how to make the transition from summer to fall flawlessly...

Exfoliate more!

The first thing you need to do for glowing autumn skin is to make sure those extra dead skin cells you're accumulating are being brushed off. You don't want to overdo it however with anything too harsh and scratchy or you could end up removing your skins natural barrier against moisture loss- making your skin even drier.

So stick to one with soft or small exfoliating beads such as our Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub containing soft Jojoba beads.


Up your moisture.

This can be a bit of a catch 22 as you try avoid breakouts from whatever oil may be getting trapped under your skin from the excess dead cells sitting on top, whilst simultaneously trying to add more moisture.

The key is in getting the right balance of moisture that soaks into your skin, and moisture that sits on top creating a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Typically alcohol free toners & serums help hydrate your skin deeper down, with moisturisers and oils helping form a skin barrier- although the latter also gets partially absorbed into your skin.

Depending on your natural skin type in terms of moisture levels, here's our rough guide on what kind of hydrating products we'd recommend during Autumn:

Oily skin: Toner with a serum or light moisturiser.

Normal skin: Just a moisturiser should do the trick.

Dry skin: Toner with a regular thickness moisturiser, with a thicker moisuriser when the temperatures start to plummet further nearer to Winter.
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Why nature really is the best healer (a scientific perspective)

Posted on 14 July 2017

If you have ever perused our product selection, and the ingredients list, you may be surprised to find a lot of ingredients you've already heard of- kiwifruit, manuka honey, and ginger to name a few.

No miracle magic ingredients, no secret wonder formulations. No exotic ingredients from far flung parts of the planet (we use mostly local, and native NZ ingredients).

But our products have undergone rigorous scientific testing, to which we passed with flying colours:

-Clinical tests of KD One Skinclear prove its anti-oxidant effect on inflammation is up to 100%.
-Clinical tests of KD One's Peppermint Shampoo have proved that this product can relieve scalp inflammation by up to 94%
-KD ONE Cool Balm has been clinically tested to prove that inflammation associated with joint problems can be reduced by 81% using this product.

We've also had comments such as this, which confirm what the tests have found:

"I have been using KD One products for many years now. The Active Recovery Rub is amazing for anyone with Fibromyalgia, it takes the pain away instantly and this is why I use it".

For any sceptics out there who may be wondering how it's possible to get results like this from what you may think are such everyday ingredients, and even outperform purpose built ingredients manufactured in the lab- consider this:

Many plants that we are able to eat, have actually been designed over years of evolution to be eaten. It's in some plants best interest evolutionary speaking to nourish us and keep us alive- as we in turn help keep them alive.

In the case of fruit that we eat, we get nourishment and vitamins to keep us healthy, and in exchange we help to disperse their seeds. The better able a plant can nourish us, the more chances a plant variety has in replicating itself.

It's the symbiotic relationship we have with nature, that has been refined over millions of years of evolution. So if you factor in millions of years of plant iterations, with the most vitamin packed plant varieties being able to prosper more than the less vitamin producing varieties, then I think it's not too much of a stretch to believe that these plant based ingredients are pretty darn good for us.

But of course, just because something is natural, this doesn't automatically mean it's going to be good for us.

There are many more plant varieties that are poisonous than there are edible ones.

It is theorised that this is because not all plant species have been evolutionarily designed to have their seeds dispersed the same way. It wouldn't be beneficial for every plant species to do so as their seeds would have to compete for resources. Or in other cases, it would be more beneficial for some animals to eat to you than others.

You see this with Chilli- which are only spicy to mammals. Birds however don't find chillies spicy (how someone can determine what a bird can taste is beyond me, but I'll go with it for now).

Perhaps this is natures attempt to deter mammals from eating chillies, and this is no coincidence. Why?  Well, for a start, mammals could fully digest the seeds- and killing them in the process, while in birds, the lighter digestive process leaves the seeds more pieced together.There's also a big difference between the travel differences between birds and many mammals- as most can't fly.

Being able to have your seeds dispersed further could have been advantageous if there were conditions in the local area that could have wiped you out- a drought for instance that would leave most plants struggling for water to survive. A mammal on foot may not have the ability to travel far enough to get the seeds to safety as well as a bird.

And it's not just chillies. There are also many berries that birds eat which are poisonous to us.

And you may also note that not many of these poisonous plant based materials make it into our products either.

Another thing we consider in our products is our ingredients' source and method of production. Even when using the same type of natural ingredient, they're not all created equal.

I was reminded the other day of this when someone was telling me about some wild grapes they had eaten. That they tasted nothing like those found in the supermarket bred for mass production.

These wild grapes had particularly tangy skins, and the flesh was full of flavour- unlike the supermarket varieties which taste rather bland and watery by comparison.

While the modern practises of selective breeding aren't all bad- it's enabled us to be able to feed more people on a larger scale, there's also a few side effects.

When it comes to selective breeding with the intention of creating produce for mass production and profits, you're going to select plant characteristics which achieve these aims- and may not select for other aspects such as nutritional value.

Over the years since selective breeding has become mainstream, the fresh fruit and veg that we eat has become larger- typically with more water content, and the flavours have become more sugary.- with fruit often having a higher fructose content than their wild varieties.

Selective breeding has of course being going on ever since humans stopped foraging, and started farming, but this has been sped up as mass production has become the norm, with traits often being selected for longer shelf life, or beauty.

Studies over the last 20 years show that much of our produce is low in phytonutrients when compared to wild varieties- which are the compounds that help reduce many of our modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes, & dementia. And this phytonutrient stripping goes back to when we stopped foraging, and started farming.

Sure, our foraging ancestors didn't live as long as we do now, but growing evidence suggests that they were much less likely to die from degenerative diseases- even those few who managed to live to an old age.

One of the main reasons for this is because we've selected out fruit and veggies with bitter tastes- the vital nutrients that come from produce with these tastes has been filtered out. 

Which is why we select our ingredients with the highest certified grade in terms of vitamin and nutritional value, and not just the stock standard varieties that you may come across in the shops.

So that's why our not so miracle ingredients really are miraculous!

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Active Recovery Rub users write in to tell us about their relieved Arthritis, Fybromyalgia, sore muscles, and more!

Posted on 28 June 2017

As you may or may not already know, our products have recently gone through some rigorous Scientific testing.

And given our Active Recovery Rub has been on the market for over 10 years, we've known for a while just how well this gem of a product works- but now we know exactly how well.
After extensive scientific testing, it was found that our Active Recovery Rub had up to 90% reduction effect on inflammation.

As this product ( ) was intentionally formulated to aid in the recovery of tired inflamed muscles- for use especially after a vigorous workout- we can't say we were too surprised with the results.

When we recently announced our great news on Facebook, we were blown away with the response from our community who have used our products over the years who not only reported feeling more soothed muscles after a bout of exercise, but also a big reduction in pain from other conditions caused by inflammation such as Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia.

Here's what a couple of them had to say!:


"This Recovery Rub is amazing. I use it daily and would totally recommend it to anyone. Thanks for making a product that helps relieve my Fibromyalgia pain. I had tried many products but nothing worked until I tried this, so very happy to give you this praise as it is well deserved"

"Couldn't manage without this thanks for putting me onto this- have bought some for my Mum's arthritis as well"

With all natural active ingredients which include Arnica, Ginger, Rosemary, and Clove Bud, we are so pleased to see results that rival and exceed what can be achieved with lab-created synthetic solutions.

Because as we've believed for a long time- nature really is the best healer!

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Beauty business owners: We're sharing our Kd One business story!

Posted on 28 May 2017

We've recently passed a huge milestone in our business by becoming scientifically validated, and we've been reflecting on our journey from Kareen's beginnings as a film & TV makeup artist, to starting her own beauty salon, right through to where we are now- with an all natural skincare line that treats a variety of hard to treat skin conditions.

While we certainly have many more twists and turns in our road ahead of us, we've also come a long way, and we'd like to share our journey thus far with others in the beauty industry- whilst promoting and educating other beauty therapists about safe and natural ways to heal our skin.

Therefore, we'd like to announce our latest event for beauty businesses: The business of Beauty- Ideas and inspiration to get your beauty business rocking!

We've teamed up with 2 others to provide you with tips and tricks for your beauty business:

Laura, a business designer from Antithesis Design ( ) & Jackie from Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy Systems ( ).

If you're interested, come along to find out:

-How to create your service to stand out and make customers choose to do business with you over anyone else, and in the process make your competition irrelevant!

-How to charge higher rates (and still have customers more than happy to pay)

-How to easily select the marketing methods that will be most effective for your business (without having to try out 100 different things)

-Our story of creating KdOne- the behind the scenes business action with all the gory trials, set-backs, and (finally) successes!

-The science behind how our formulations help treat hard to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and dandruff.

-What Cycloidal Massage is & how Infrared heat helps treat pain stemming from joint stiffness, back pain, and fatigue.

-A demo of the Cyclo-ssage Massage system.

- The story of how the Cyclo-ssage system helps improve salons business profitability ( can give a massage without having to use your hands).

If you're interested in coming along, either register through our eventbrite link: or email Laura:


Date: Monday 26th June, 2017
Time: 6pm-730pm
Location: Ground Floor, Russell Keown House, 38 Queens Dr, Lower Hutt.

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It's official: We are now scientifically validated!

Posted on 29 March 2017

For years as a makeup artist in the film & TV industry, Kareen (KdOne's creator)worked with clients who day in and day out needed heavy makeup applied in order to achieve their characters' look.

But after a while, this really took a toll on the actors & actresses skin.

Which is how Kareen got her start creating skincare.

At first, she looked into existing products on the market, and tried a few of these out. But they weren't quite working the way the label said they should.

Then one day she came across some research online about natural formulations and decided to whip up some of her own concoctions.

And sure enough, the results spoke for themselves, and Kareen could see an improvement in her clients skin- it was like night and day compared to the commercial products she had tried.
This side experiment soon turned into a full blown skincare business of its own, and after more than 10 years of refining her formulas, and creating new products, the results seen by Kareens film & TV clients were available to her KdOne customers too- for a wide range of skincare concerns such as lines, skin tone, flaking, acne, and many more.

But this wasn't enough.

For years we've all seen skincare commercials trotting out their new 'miracle' formulas promising the sun, the moon, and everlasting youth- only to be let down.

So what does it matter if we've had customers who have experienced the results for themselves, and then gone on to write in with their experiences? They could just be a one off? We could have just written their testimonies ourselves...right? We haven't of course, but how are our customers to know this?

Another thing on our minds has always been around why our products work. Sure, we can see them working, but exactly how does this happen? Are our moisturisers helping to reduce fine lines by plumping up the skin with extra moisture? Or are the ingredients helping by stimulating cell repair? And by exactly how much over doing nothing at all?

We've always looked to scientific research to help us discover new ingredients we could be using in our formulations. This has helped us greatly to get to where we are today by pointing us toward ingredients that have great potential to improve your skin- but research into natural ingredients ability to improve skin is an area somewhat thin on the ground.

It's almost as though the conventional wisdom in our culture states that only 'real' medicinal results can be achieved through advanced synthetic chemical formulations, whilst all natural formulas are regarded as being 'voodoo'- although this is slowly changing.

It's for all these reasons that it was important for us to conduct some thorough, peer reviewed scientific testing.  Not one of those so ambiguously worded 'studies' where the reporting of the results can be spinned to say what they want the results to say- but real peer reviewed testing, using the scientific process where the results of the test are repeatable, and trustworthy.

Well, the results are now in, and we're thrilled to see that the evidence shows what we've seen to be true with our own eyes- our products work!

A few of the highlights:

Our Rich and Intensive moisturiser showed a 90% improvement on stimulating skin reproduction.
Our Peppermint Shampoo showed a 94% reduction of scalp inflammation- a top cause of dandruff.
Our eye serum stimulated the reproduction of fibroblast cells by 29% (Fibroblast cells maintain the structure within skin tissue- collagen & elastin being the 2 more well known types).

To see the full blow by blow results take a look over here: 

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As you may or may not already know, our products have recently gone through some rigorous Scientific testing.
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