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Beauty business owners: We're sharing our Kd One business story!

Posted on 28 May 2017

We've recently passed a huge milestone in our business by becoming scientifically validated, and we've been reflecting on our journey from Kareen's beginnings as a film & TV makeup artist, to starting her own beauty salon, right through to where we are now- with an all natural skincare line that treats a variety of hard to treat skin conditions.

While we certainly have many more twists and turns in our road ahead of us, we've also come a long way, and we'd like to share our journey thus far with others in the beauty industry- whilst promoting and educating other beauty therapists about safe and natural ways to heal our skin.

Therefore, we'd like to announce our latest event for beauty businesses: The business of Beauty- Ideas and inspiration to get your beauty business rocking!

We've teamed up with 2 others to provide you with tips and tricks for your beauty business:

Laura, a business designer from Antithesis Design ( ) & Jackie from Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy Systems ( ).

If you're interested, come along to find out:

-How to create your service to stand out and make customers choose to do business with you over anyone else, and in the process make your competition irrelevant!

-How to charge higher rates (and still have customers more than happy to pay)

-How to easily select the marketing methods that will be most effective for your business (without having to try out 100 different things)

-Our story of creating KdOne- the behind the scenes business action with all the gory trials, set-backs, and (finally) successes!

-The science behind how our formulations help treat hard to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and dandruff.

-What Cycloidal Massage is & how Infrared heat helps treat pain stemming from joint stiffness, back pain, and fatigue.

-A demo of the Cyclo-ssage Massage system.

- The story of how the Cyclo-ssage system helps improve salons business profitability ( can give a massage without having to use your hands).

If you're interested in coming along, either register through our eventbrite link: or email Laura:


Date: Monday 26th June, 2017
Time: 6pm-730pm
Location: Ground Floor, Russell Keown House, 38 Queens Dr, Lower Hutt.

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